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<Impractical Proposals>
Common sense thoughts on culture and politics.

<Julie Feldman Tarot>
Astrology and Tarot for special events and private consultations.

<Wilshire Restaurant>
Santa Monica's newest: Where haute is hot!

<La Vecchia Cucina>
A great neighborhood restaurant (in a great neighborhood).

<Fictional Times>
All the satire that's fit to print.

<Gary Gordon Productions>
Essayist, satirist, singer-songwriter, novelist, playwright, screenwriter...

<Mark Josephs>
Singer-songwriter, ukele, blues harp, tenor guitar and
"Tiki Tunes from the Tolley Town Orchestra!"

<Diana Hobstetter>
Artist and designer:
Sex, Saints, Suicides and "A People Palette"

For a Chelsea-eyed view of the world...

<Julie Feldman Designs>
A fine artist explores the world of women's handbags and accessories.

<Tech III>
Website and database development and management.

Powerful web hosting at an affordable price.

<Langa List>
Fred Langa's award-winning e-newsletter shows the how
of getting more from your hardware, software, and time online.

<Main Street, Santa Monica>
The best little street in America.

<Visit 29 Palms, California>
Looking for a funkygood place to stay?

The Democratic Party of your dreams.

Ideas, opinions, analyses and conclusions
avoided by the mainstream media.

<The Independent Media Center>
A democratic media outlet.

<Southern California Americans for Democratic Action>
The largest and most active chapter of
the nation's oldest, independent liberal organization.

<The American Civil Liberties Union>
Now more than ever.



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