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John Gabree, Author and Creative Director,

  • is the author of several books, including "The World of Rock," the first history of rock and roll; "Gangsters: From Little Caesar to The Godfather;" and "Surviving the City," a collection of essays on the relationship between the social sciences and the design professions;
  • has written hundreds of articles for periodicals ranging from Newsday and the Washington Post to down beat to Playboy;
  • wrote and produced memorable programming for radio (such as the #1 NYC music show in its period) and television (including HBO/Cinemax's "Soul Session: James Brown and Friends...with Special Guest Aretha Franklin");
  • produced hundreds of live events, including Club NEC, the first interactive stand-up comedy on the internet;
  • created noteworthy internet content, including a popular newsletter about new media;
  • held executive positions at such public relations and marketing companies as iAgency and The Marshall Plan;
  • helped to advance many commercial products and name brands, including Playboy, HBO, Warner Brothers, Hearst, Penthouse, Newsday, KCRW, MSN and E! Online, among others;
  • managed the search engine optimization division of ITN, and produced email campaigns for affiliate programs that generated profits as high as $85,000 a day;
  • recently conducted field work on the impact on instruction of various models of public school management in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle and Edmonton for a project at UCLA's Anderson School funded by the National Science Foundation;
  • recently completed a case study for UCLA on entrepreneurism and public education that is being used to train public school principals and administrators;
  • currently develops and markets websites for real world and online companies; is the editor of the political and cultural blog Impractical Proposals; is creator of eGlossary; is director of production for Elegant Exotics, an auto salon for rare and expensive vehicles; and is director of media development for Great Yoga Teachers.

John Gabree is constantly exploring prospective subjects for his work in all media, with a special emphasis on the internet and the arts; his participation in business and public interest efforts offers a nationwide network of useful contacts. His newest website production is LOL: Library of Links.

*REACH (who -- very specifically -- is your target audience?) + FREQUENCY (you must stay in front of your customer on a regular, recurring basis) + MESSAGE (your message must be consistent, focused, accurate, detailed and action-oriented) = POSITION (position-in-the-mind-of-the-buyer/marketplace).


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