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Creativity was a performance space/art center/community gathering place that for a brief, fierce time burned as the most cutting edge comedy, music, theater and performance art setting in Los Angeles. Born on the stage of L.A.(The Bookstore), Creativity helped forge some of Angel City's foremost artists and performers, such as Sandra Tsing Loh, Andy Kindler, Vicki Juditz, Dana Snow, Julia Sweeney, Jeff Garlin, Dan Klass, Rick Overton, Eugene Pack, Ann Randolph, Bob Harris, Manuel Gallegos, Tom Sharp, Rob Fulcher, Steven Rappaport, Carol Ann Leif, David Harris, Joe Gaeta, Paul Krassner, Betsy Salkind, Ed Crasnick, Mark Josephs, Flash Rosenberg, Scott Rubin, Gary Gordon, Janeane Garofalo, Bill Bronner, Saratoga Ballantine, Dea Lawrence, Jackie Kashian, Wendy Kamenoff, Steve Mittleman, Nosmo King, Jackie Wollner, Colin Quinn, Eric Vollmer....



Here are some things that people said about Creativity and L.A.(The Bookstore):

The L.A.Times called it a "bibliohappening" (we don't claim to know what that is, but we think we like it).

The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine found L.A.(The Bookstore) first.

Richard Reeves, one of my journalistic heroes, found L.A. (The Bookstore) for Los Angeles magazine.

Terry Fuller wrote about Creativity for LACN.



Get Creativity: Vibrant communities require places were people can get together to create and to communicate. We at Creativity have the vision and the resources to bring the same exciting experience to your community. If you are a developer, planner, producer, retailer or club owner who intends to make the arts an important part of what you do, the Creativity team is ready to help. Drop us an email. We'll be right over.




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