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" Animal Heroes" by Ernest Thompson Seton

(Bison/University of Nebraska)
Review by John Gabree

"A hero," Seton writes in his foreword, "is an individual of unusual gifts and achievements. Whether it be man or animal, this definition applies; and it is the histories of such that appeal to the imagination and to the hearts of those who hear them."

Seton, the great naturalist and wildlife illustrator of the first half of this century, whose most famous works, still worth reading, include, "Animal Tracks and Hunter Signs," "Artic Prairies" and "The Trail of an Artist and Naturalist," was the first to write stories with animal heroes who were not anthropomorphicized. Each story in this reprint of a delightfully illustrated 1905 edition is "based on the actual life of a veritable animal hero" - a social-climbing slum kitty, a homing pigeon that saves a stranded steamer, a gray wolf befriended by a little boy - closely observed by the author.



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