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"The Night Chasers"
by Jamey Cohen

Review by John Gabree

Abbie Guisbourne has come to Burundi to talk to the gorillas. Speaking the sign language that deaf and dumb humans use, she has taught Winston, Joey and Fran to communicate. In the meantime, the weakened and divided Popular Liberation Front is facing defeat in its campaign to disrupt the government of Zaire from its sanctuary in Burundi. Out of desperation the front kidnaps Abbie.

Evan Olgilvie is a young career diplomat, not exactly the type you'd expect to lead three gorillas on a rescue operation against a band of guerillas. But that's only one of the surprises in this dense, easy-going and suspenseful thriller.

"The Night Chasers" is the second novel by 24-year-old San Franscisco area writer Jamey Cohen (her first was "Dmitri," published last year). On the basis of "Chasers," she has to be reckoned one of the most promising new thriller writers. What a terrific movie this book will make: "Planet of the Apes" meets "The Year of Living Dangerously." Call it "Smiley's Gorillas." (1982)

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