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"Sand Trap"
by Caroline B. Cooney

Review by John Gabree

On the surface, there is not much to this thriller. A woman returning home late at night on a little-traveled back road passes a murder in progress. Fearful that she has witnessed the crime and can identify him, the killer forces her car off the road and stalks her to an empty church and across a lonely golf course. Finally, she and her wheelchair-bound stepson are held hostage while the police close in.

What sets "Sand Trap" off from dozens of other paperback originals is the grace of its telling. Though the plot is elemental and the characters barely two-dimensional, many of the descriptive passages are forceful and exact. And even though it has been used a million times, the damsel-in-distress ploy still works. As Paul Simon sang in another context, there are many ways to lose your lover. (1982)

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