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"What Happened at Hazelwood"
"From London Far"
and "Money from Holme"
by Michael Innes

Review by John Gabree

While the best of American detective fiction is written in a gritty vernacular as hard-nboiled as its heroes and villains, British detective fiction, even at its most bizzarre, is more notable for its elegance. The British master is Michael Innes. No American has an imaginatiuon more grotesque -- he is more Charles Addams than Raymond Chandler -- or more fertile. His complicated plots and fantastic characters are riveting. These titles, newly available in the U.S., are all three a joy to read. Rarely will you find a character as oddly compelling as Meredith, the absent-minded academic who blunders through "From London Far." No fan of detective fiction will want to miss any opportunity to read Michael Innes. (1976)

Buy What Happened at Hazelwood
From London Far and Money from Holme by Michael Innes


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